Tom and Jill Pacholyk

Tom and Jill Pacholyk have had been married and working on projects for over 25 years. Tom was raised on a family dairy farm in Central New York. When equipment failed the only choice was to fix the problem and keep moving forward with your day! Health issues necessitated many career changes, including short order cooking, a lawn care business owner, marketing business owner, hospital security officer, Leer operator in a glass manufacturing plant, and school maintenance before having a heart transplant in 2009.Jill works tirelessly to embrace the challenges of being a nurse in many different departments: Intensive Care Nursing, birthing babies and all aspects of mother & newborn care, the open heart unit, traveling nursing for Emergency department, and currently home care nursing. Tom and Jill’s creativity, drive¬†and problem-solving techniques have led them to think “out of the box” to make many situations workable for their life.

Tom’s inspiration for improving their blunt-nosed trailer transpired when they went on a vacation over hilly territory in a strong headwind. The result is their Aerodynamic Trailer Wedge, dramatically increasing gas mileage and saving wear and tear on their truck’s transmission. After an intensive search on the internet, Tom and Jill partnered with Mr. Richard L. Miller and his associate Peter. They thoroughly outlined the steps needed to obtain their Patent, and with their expert advice and direction, made their homemade idea into an exciting new and cost effective concept for any size trailer.